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Going to the South Carolina vital statistics office to order birth certificates, death records, marriage and divorce documents in person or through the mail can be cheaper than ordering online, just not as fast or convenient. You can compare prices and see if it is better for you or if you prefer, you can skip all that and order birth records or death records faster on the internet
Order Birth Certificates or Death Certificates Online

The Links to South Carolina sites and documents on this page can help you find people free and get public records in this state. Not all states allow searching vital statistics or court records, but most of the time you'll find that they do allow public access to sex offenders, inmates, court cases, inmate and prisoner rosters, county jail inmates as well as state prison inmates.
If any of this seems overwhelming, please read our article "How To Find People Free" found at .

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South Carolina Vital Statistics and Public Records

Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate (copy and mail to address on form)
Certified Copy of a Death Certificate (copy and mail to address on form)
Certified Copy of a Marriage License (copy and mail to address on form)
Certified Copy of a Divorce Record (copy and mail to address on form)
Birth Certificates Online
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Death Certificates Online
Divorce Certificates Online
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Supreme Court

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