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Thousands of people pay for information everyday that is available for free. Information on Birth Records, Death Records, Marriage, Driving Records and more can usually be found via the internet for Free if you just know where to search. We offer searches for people and public records for FREE, that's right FREE.


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We offer real free searches for free public record information, free email lookup, free reverse address lookup, free reverse phone lookup and white pages searches. Court records, birth certificates, death certificates, divorce records, adoption records and it doesn't stop. We list hundreds of FREE public information record searches.  For the best results, consult the page for the state you want to search first and check out the directory. From these pages, government and official websites are accessible and can also be visited with the click of your mouse. Someone from our network has been to all of them and everyone can be assured that the destinations are real, valid and trustworthy.  If you have further questions about searches, we recommend using and the Free People Search Forum running there. Our members, researchers and assistants all post and comment on this forum and your questions could be answered by one of us.

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