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Delaware Public Records To Find People Free and Do A Free People Search
Find Death Certificates, Marriage Records And  Birth Certificates

  First Name Last Name State

Going to the Delaware states vital records office in person or ordering
through the mail could be cheaper than ordering online.
If you prefer, you can order birth or death records from this state online
Click Here To Order Delaware Birth or Death Certificates Online

Delaware Vital Statistics
Below you will find the forms for obtaining copies of the
public records from Delaware by snail mail

Delaware Court Records

  • Delaware Court System overview
  • Supreme Court
  • Court of Chancery
  • Superior Cocurt
  • Family Court
  • Court of Common Pleas
  • Justice of the Peace Court
  • Delaware Counties

    Kent County, Delaware
    Kent County Homepage
    Kent County Directory
    Kent County Sheriff
    Barratt's Chapel
    Kent County Markers

    New Castle County, Delaware
    New Castle County Homepage
    Most Wanted
    Missing Persons
    Recorder Of Deeds
    New Castle County Markers

    Sussex County, Delaware
    Sussex County Homepage
    Cemetery Records
    Sussex County Directory
    Sussex County Markers

    Delaware Cities
    Delaware City
    New Castle
    Rehoboth Beach

    Delaware Towns
    Bethany Beach
    Dewey Beach
    Fenwick Island
    Ocean View
    South Bethany

    Delaware Resident Links

    Featured Items
    Register to Vote Online, Business License Search, DO NOT CALL Registry, Disaster Preparedness, Credit Card Fulfillment Center, more...
    Informacion en Espanol
    Servicios, Manual del Conductor (pdf), more...
    Adoption, Nutrition, Locate Childcare, more...
    Justice & Courts
    Consumer Fraud, Jury Duty, Divorce Decrees, Landlord-Tenant Code, more...
    Financial Institution, Investments, Lawyer, Nursing Homes, more...
    K-12 Education
    Events, School Profiles, School Closures, Technical Education, more...
    Elections & the Legislature
    Voter Registration, Voting Machine Instructions, Absentee Voting, General Assembly, Bill Tracking, more...
    Meetings & Events
    Public Meetings, Tourism Events, Partners for Progress Summit, more...
    Emergency Services
    Help Line, Storms, Terrorism, Threat Guidelines, more...
    Motor Vehicles & Watercraft
    Gas Stations help the Disabled, Child Safety, Insurance, Recalls, more...
    Job Hotline, Postings, more...
    Other Resident Services
    Seniors, Winning Lottery Number, more...
    Environmental E-mail Notices, Pollution, Land Use, Coastal Storms, Environmental Navigator, more...
    Police & Public Safety
    Crime Stoppers, Gun Lock Program, Report Terroristic Activities, more...
    Exploring Delaware
    Events, Attractions, Travel, more...
    Fishing, Hunting, Beach Water Quality, Golfing, more...
    Children, Nutrition, Aging, Health Coverage, Pandemic Flu Planning, more...
    Relocate to Delaware
    Communities, Motor Vehicle Guide, Weather/Climate, Taxes, more...
    Higher Education
    College Costs, Scholarships, more...
    Virtual Tax Service Center, Personal Tax Questions, Online Filing, more...
    Human Services
    GovBenefits, Child Abuse Hotline, Disabilities, Meals on Wheels, more...
    Your Residence
    Renting, more...

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